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For Sale $150,000
Steve Lentin

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No Address. Intelectual Property Only

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No Address. Intelectual Property Only, VIC

For Sale $150,000

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Executive Summary:

• Master License
• Large licensed area
• $150, 000 secures Master License
• Thereafter $25, 000 per annum
• Runs at virtually no cost – no power input required
• Totally environmentally friendly
• Minimal maintenance.
• Nine Master Licenses available
• Outright purchase of IP will be considered
• Sub Licensing of smaller areas will be considered
Business Description Summary:

The technology behind Billabong pumps has been around for over 157 years. The vendor owns the intellectual property and seeks to license it for use internationally. Master Licenses are available for the following territories:-
• Australia/New Zealand
• Asia
• Africa
• USA/Mexico
• Canada/Alaska
• South America
• United Kingdom
• Western Europe
• Eastern Europe
Full training regarding the manufacture and installation will be provided in Australia.
The Product:

The Billabong Hydraulic Rams have been manufactured and used in Australia and the Pacific Rim Countries for the last 157 years, with thousands of satisfied Customers enjoying continuous water supply at no cost to them. The Billabong Rams are proven technology devices with the Units renowned for their longevity and reliability. The Billabong Hydraulic Rams are renowned in the Pacific Region. The United Nations purchased 20 Units of Billabong Hydraulic Rams No.7 for the Solomon Islands.
The Billabong Hydraulic Rams design operates on principle of harvesting the kinetic energy from water supplied under fall conditions into the Ram. The operation does not need any external source of fuel (Electricity, Petrol, Diesel, Gas, Steam etc.) and uses purely the harvested kinetic energy of water flowing into the Ram for the water transfer / pumping operation. Full specification and performance outline of the Billabong Hydraulic Water Rams technology is available on request.
Working principles are more fully described in the Business Report which is available from:
Steve Lentin

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  • Business Category: Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Business Sub Category: Water
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Accord Business Brokers
Unit 3, 22 Fallon Street,
Caulfield, VIC 3162

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Steve Lentin
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