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Wollermann & Associates
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Melbourne, MELBOURNE 3000

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Melbourne, MELBOURNE VIC 3000


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Owners Corporation GLOC04

The present owner has been involved in owner’s corporation management for a number years and currently manages 75 owners corporations consisting of 1,030 lots.

The business has a stable track record managing residential apartments and townhouses and commercial properties which span Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

The portfolio has been established for more than nine (9) years and has continued to grow strongly.

The territory includes - Bayswater, Cheltenham, Cranbourne, Croydon, Langwarrin, Maribyrnong, Noble Park, Reservoir, Ringwood, Somerville etc. Management Fees will vary from property to property but on average is $270.00 per unit.

The business provides the following services to its clients:

1. Meetings
Convene, chair and submit a budget and financial statement and record/distribute minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the owner’s corporation. Also convene and record/distribute minutes of Special General Meetings or Committee Meetings as required.
Meetings can be held at a central office, library, Council offices, cafés or at another place if agreed with property owners.

2. Finances
A bank account is operated for all owner corporation funds and reconciled daily. Records of income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the owner’s corporation are maintained.
Invoices are issued for all fees and special levies and arrears are managed.
Creditors and insurance premiums are paid as authorised by the management authority.
Lodge tax returns and quarterly BAS as required.

3. Insurance
Arrange insurance or renewal on behalf of members of the owner’s corporation and receive a commission of up to 20%.
Obtain valuations of building replacement and reviews as necessary.
Prepare and lodge insurance claims on behalf of owners’ corporation members and liaise with claims managers as needed.

4. Maintenance
Arrange for routine and minor maintenance repairs for the owners corporation. Contract and co-ordinate management of renovations to buildings that are a communal responsibility in association with and at the direction of members/committees.

5. Administration
Provide general advice to owners corporation members. Maintain records of the owners corporation as required by regulations including names and addresses, contact details of owners and minutes / ballots and hold seal of owner’s corporation. Issue Owners Corporation Certificates (Form 3). Respond and process all correspondence and enquiry connected with owner’s corporation activities and implement member decisions associated with duties and functions of the Subdivision Act and Owners Corporation Regulations.

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Wollermann & Associates
415 Canterbury Road,
Surrey Hills, VIC 3127

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Gary Lay
Phone: 03 9888 6488

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