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Mercury 5 Sky Business Sales

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Mercury 5 Sky
19/10 Eagle St,
Brisbane, QLD 4000


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Cairns, QLD

For Sale $119,000

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Unique & Highly Profitable Shuttle Bus Service

With Nearly 30 Years of Trading History, This Makes this Unique & Highly Profitable Shuttle Bus Service One of the Most Lucratively Positioned Businesses of its Kind Servicing Clients Within the Cairns & Surrounding Areas. This Business is Offering a Highly Profitable Way to Cash in & Profit From Being One of the Only of its Kind, Having a Constant Demand (Fully Staffed or Owner Driver – Your Choice). You Should See Just How Much Money the Runs Make…Reliably!

• With more than a 3 decade trading history (only 2 owners), this business is in fact the largest of its kind servicing the FNQ region, having the ability to ensure that there be thousands of passengers provided with a high number of shuttle bus runs, which all provide their owner/investors with a high return on investment, either under staff management or owner driver.

• These runs are supported and underpinned by commercial booking contracts, to secure financial returns on into the future - reliably.

• You have the utter freedom to earn even more money in addition to what is already being booked automatically for you, being a highly profitable and already lucrative profit base.

• This sales flow having been developed over many years, and includes benefitting from hundreds of long term industry referrers.

• With long term client booking service contracts, this business provides any new owner/investor’s with an assurity of income, due to how massive this company is.

• This is a unique opportunity, which just so happens to have on offer massive financial upsides, lifestyle and time freedoms which most businesses can’t come close to providing.

• You see, when you are as unique as this company, with long term government contracts and the ability to maintain and capture the greater percentage of the overall client market share – by having an exclusive position, this business has always generated a high volume of client sales, constantly and consistently.

• This is what you are plugging into and benefiting directly from. Therefore, with this central booking service, literally being at your service, there are ample client sales being directed to fortunate new owners of these shuttle bus runs.

• This contractually based supportive structure, all the while you own your own business, is a win-win! Any new owner, having no need of any specific skills, background etc., will receive an on-going flow of on-line and/or agent placed, pre-paid client bookings.

• This booking service business being one of the largest players of its kind within this area. After nearly 3 decades – having no major rivals, due to its position, is able to capture more business than any other operator!

• For any new owner/investor, the business ownership dream can become realised, resulting in a full wallet, after knowing that there is even a predictable level of constant demand that can ensure any owner’s future financial rewards.

• This is not something that one single owner operator could achieve by oneself.

• This is not a franchise, you are owner of your very own business and assets.

• You simply receive a constant flow of new client bookings, as the demand is literally this great, as this shuttle service is always in demand, all year round!

• When you see the net income of all these staff managed investments, you’ll be delighted as to what life will look like for you if you owned one or more of them.

• Here is a simpler road to earning a great return on your money, all the while being able to enjoy a lifestyle.

• Delight in finding out the uniqueness of this investment, become an owner operator or maintain under staff management - this being your choice.

• You can state your income level and feel secure in knowing that you will be looked after and made comfortable financially, for many, many years to come, due to the stature of the booking service generating you the constant client bookings, plus your own of course, taking your income to whatever height you determine…

Now it is simply up to you to email us and request your very own business profile, to find out just how much you can earn. Runs Vary From $119K WIWO - $149K WIWO

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Mercury 5 Sky
19/10 Eagle St,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Phone: 07 3221 1441
Fax: 07 3009 0336

Mercury 5 Sky Business Sales
Mobile: 07 3221 1441

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