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Rosette Communitas

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Mercury 5 Sky
19/10 Eagle St,
Brisbane, QLD 4000


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Brisbane, QLD

For Sale $79,000

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Passive Income Based, Low Time Input Coffee Product Distribution Business

With 8 years of profitable trading, this is a passive income based, low input (5-6 hours per week), coffee product distribution business. This business being staff managed since 2012. This investment provides a very lucrative, cash flow positive – Coupled with massive profit margins, supplying business-to-business clients only! And includes client contracts.

• Established for the last 8 years, this is one of the most passive income based, dynamic and regularly in demand businesses of its kind.

• Available for the first time in 4 years (only 3 owners in 8), as this owner has literally put this business under staff management for more than 2 years, while working offshore and has always maintained a full-time position elsewhere, while investing in this unique coffee product based business.

• With a regular income earned not having to be reflected by the total number of hours invested, per week, this business provides a whopping 54.88 cent net income yield for each and every dollar earned in sales.

• Now, this no ordinary business, especially when connected with supplying an addictive substance to staff and visiting clients of businesses across a myriad of different industries such as; car yards, government departments, financial planners, mortgage brokers, professional offices and industrial estate based operations etc.

• This is a unique business model, offering a part-time hour lifestyle or have it under staff management (your choice), while still maintaining another full-time position elsewhere.

• But, with this amount of latent sales and profit potential and reward on offer for growing this business, you may wish to lap up the lifestyle that this business choice offers…

• Many more clients could be procured quickly, without investing any more money in stock or equipment, which means that the income earned, by investing only a few hours per week, could quickly surpass the income earned from attending a full-time job! Well, this was the case for this owner, when he invested in this business, and made back his initial investment amount within a short period of time.

• The rest of the income generated since, has been pure profit to be enjoyed. And enjoy he has, especially while money has been made while being completely absent.

• But now, after 4 years, his professional circumstances have changed and with so much more that could be done to grow these sales and profits further, but to be fair, this business deserves the attention, and business development focus of a new owner/investor, as this business has the unique ability to provide a higher than average reward for sales growth!

• So come and take full advantage…as we know many others will want to.

• This business would be best in the hands of a new owner/investor who can continue taking this business to where it naturally wants to go – and has since organically been taken, by its existing, long term clients referring others – These business clients all proving to be consistent and reliable payers, mainly within 7-14 days.

• Explore this investment, as the deeper you delve, the more you find is of benefit to a business owner/investor…Don’t miss out, so email us now and request your own detailed business profile.

All this for only $79K + SAV ($2K) – low stock holding and providing a high value package to benefit from.

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Mercury 5 Sky
19/10 Eagle St,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Phone: 07 3221 1441
Fax: 07 3009 0336

Rosette Communitas
Phone: 07 3218 2164
Mobile: 0414 410 830

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