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Join our Shingle Inn ‘family’ and embrace the culture and tradition that are part of the quintessential Shingle Inn Cafe experience - it’s the reason a special occasion shared at a Shingle Inn Cafe is carried through from one generation

The Historic Shingle Inn, in Edward Street Brisbane, was built in 1936 amidst the depression. Constructed as an elegant English-style teahouse, Shingle Inn faced abandonment in early 1970’s but was bought by the Bellchambers family in 1975. With careful rejuvenation of the café, remaining true to the provision of cakes, bakery specialities and food of exceptional quality, the word of...

How it Works

To ensure you are able to operate one of our cafes we will provide comprehensive 6 week pre-opening training + ongoing support. Business support and ongoing assistance in managing the day-to-day cafe operations. The opportunity to grow your business and build a saleable asset as part of a successful cafe network. Initial and ongoing technical support coupled with access to extensive cafe...

Why Us?

In our cafes the Shingle Inn ‘experience’ starts the moment customers enter our shop. Luxurious high-back chairs, warm rich colours and decorative lamps together with our signature range of decadent cakes, superior quality coffee, delicious gourmet sandwiches and emphasis on exceptional customer service has helped us establish a renowned boutique cafe brand. All of these elements...

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